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Setting a brand direction

Halo band is an entirely new type of a product that basically never existed before. We had the perfect chance to start our exploratory and development process literally from scratch.

Exploring different options for the illustration structure, visual and creative approach we had to develop a language that would fit the purpose of the Halo app, and bring the different sections and functions to life by creating a scalable content. By defining the color scheme and general look we aimed to bring a more positive and joyful experience to the user as in the same time reflecting all the important points in a clever and engaging way.

Character driven world

We focused on building an emotionally rich world of interactions, where we are not led by the technical side, but by the connection between the human using the Halo band and the characters that would be guiding him or her in it’s Halo experience.

Character turnaround

Character's scalability

To make sure the characters are clean and sharp enough in any size we have set some rules of simplification for each level of scale they will be used. Starting from the largest scale containing the biggest amount of details as we are gradually reducing elements until we arrive at a simple icon.



Labs are simple challenges that the user can take to see if they would lead to an improvement. From sleep problems to lack of energy and much more, there are multiple lab challenges that can be tested. We have transformed these into simpler icons that represent each lab challenge.

Halo band

The visual representation of the actual band was created in the same visual language. We have used the original band for a starting point and simplified it enough so that it would still be accurate to the real band but coherent with the visuals of the brand.

Welcome screen

When you first launch the Halo app, you will be welcomed by a playful animated screen, that is a representation of all functions that Halo have at its launch.

Out of the box experience

We’ve created short animated video instructions about the first steps when the user opens the Halo band box.

Animation inside Halo

When you first open your Halo app you’d be guided for your first steps through the animations that are implemented in the app. We’ve worked with the Halo creative team together to create a bespoke experience to help the user navigate through the app in a short time.

Visual body composition video

The VBC video has the purpose to introduce in a simple way the complex technology and the application behind it to the user.

VBC - Technical instructions

The animated instructions are a visual guide to the correct way of doing the visual body scan.

Pattern exploration

Patterns could be applied in many different cases and they always give a brand a more defined look. We worked to create some different patterns that could be used in various occasions.

Animation BTS

In the process of creating the animations we’ve been approaching some of the materials in different ways. Below you can find a selection of some of the tests / unused materials.


Client: Amazon

Production: Lobster

Creative direction: Amazon / Lobster

Art Direction: Fausto Montanari

Animation: Nikolay Ivanov, Teodor Hristov

3D Animation: Lorenzo Ugo